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How to Prevent Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Getting off your feet and sinking into your comfy bed should be a welcome relief from the day, however, pregnancy leg cramps can stand between you and a peaceful nights sleep. These painful involuntary muscle contractions, that typically affect the calf, foot or both...

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8 Tips for an Easier Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not always a breeze, what with the many physiological and hormonal changes that can throw our lives out of gear, but with a few new habits, you can find ways to comfortably overcome some common pregnancy problems. I've also found some remedies for...

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Maternity Sportswear for Pilates or Yoga

Looking for maternity sportswear for your Prenatal Pilates class or just to wear to the gym? I've done some online window shopping for you to find flattering, comfortable and supportive maternity activewear. I've looked for items which can transition from month three...

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Freebies for Pregnant and New Mums in Ireland

In my Pregnancy Pilates class, we were discussing the freebies available for expecting mums. A few of the mothers to be signed up for the Lidl, Aldi and Supervalu gifts. So I thought I share those details below and have a look for any other offers out there. I hope...

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Ultimate List of Birth Affirmations

Being relaxed and feeling safe is important when labouring and birthing your baby. It increases the flow of oxytocin which helps improve uterine contractions and a surge when your baby is born helps you to bond with your baby. So why affirmations? Every thought you...

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How to Restore your Pelvic Floor

Perhaps until you have been pregnant, experienced incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse you had probably never given the condition of your Pelvic Floor Muscles a second thought. Having strong pelvic floor muscles gives you proper control over your bladder and bowels,...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercising Throughout Pregnancy

"You are pregnant!" The minute a woman hears this, she feels more responsible to take care of her health, as this would reflect on her unborn child’s health. A lot of my clients have expressed that they are not sure what exercise they can do while pregnant, so they...

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I Had the Baby, What Now? – Postpartum Advice for New Mothers

This post was inspired by one of my clients. We were chatting after class and she described how she felt she wasn’t given enough guidance for right after she had her baby for her own self-care. She had lots of information on pregnancy, birth and taking care of her baby. But none for her in her fourth trimester of pregnancy aka immediately after birth. So I’ve put together all of the postnatal advice I’ve read here in the hopes I can help someone.

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Urge Incontinence – Regain Control

There are four main types of incontinence: Urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder. Stress incontinence is defined as the loss of small amounts of urine associated with sneezing, laughing or exercising or other movements that increase intra-abdominal pressure...

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