Yogilates Course
Mondays 7:30pm - June 18th

Really enjoyed your classes. Thanks Emma, you are amazing teacher

Svitlana Dullaghan

Loving the classes Emma. A really uplifting way to start the week.

Sara Kenny

Another great Yogilates class today Emma, thanks! Also, I can't believe it but the pain in my left hip is gone and it feels so much more free, those yoga tune-up balls must have worked wonders!

Sara Brent

Brilliant class! Emma really motivates you work to your best ability. Highly recommend Emma's Yogilates class.

Kate Keenan

I feel I teach Yoga like I teach Pilates. I don't teach extreme postures and there is no chanting or philosophy in class. So I named this class Yogilates to feel more true to what it is. It is a fantastic choice for those wanting an hour to clear their mind and also feel like they have gotten a good workout. Everyone who comes to class has a great sleep Monday night!

At the beginning of class, you will use Roll Model® Therapy Balls to massage away chronic tension from your body. This allows a greater range of motion and increased power and strength in your practice. Tight glutes, lower back or shoulders? Not anymore!

The rest of class is a combination of Yoga Tune Up® and Freestyle Fitness Yoga with the Pilates principles of breath, precision and flow, linking Yoga poses together in a fluid sequence. It targets flexibility, core strength and builds muscular endurance.

You can expect to improve your flexibility, posture and muscular tone with regular practice.

Course Details:

I am not teaching for the months of August, September or October, possibly back to it in November. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

  • Begins: Monday, June 18th, 7:30pm
  • Fee: €40, payment is required to secure a place.
  • Click HERE to book a place.
  • Previous yoga experience is absolutely not a requirement. This is a great class for beginners and open to men and women. Spaces fill very quickly, so book in as early as possible.

Are there any contraindications?

Normal common sense contraindications apply: if you’re reeling from a virus, have just broken a bone, sprained a joint, or undergone surgery, I recommend you stay home and prioritise rest and healing. Beyond that, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding a condition you have.

Do you regularly attend sports massages/physio to prevent or treat an injury?

Take a look at the KNOTTY or NICE: Self Massage Workshop. I now treat my own muscular tension and aches which result from teaching my classes, working at my laptop, gardening etc. I use my Therapy Balls nearly every day now, I love them! 

Meet Emma:

I am Emma McAtasney, founder of a boutique Pilates studio in Dundalk, Ireland. BASI trained Pilates instructor, BarreConcept instructor and prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist.

I was always the stiffest, least flexible person in the class. Not great when you dream of being a successful instructor and you can't even touch your toes. A lot of people tell me they don't want to do Yoga as they are not flexible. I was the opposite, I thought, all of these Yogis are super flexible. I'll do Yoga and I'll be flexible too! So, I know what it is like to practice Yoga with tight hamstrings and shoulders. I have this in mind when planning and teaching a class.

I love working with successful, courageous people – like yourself – to give you clear, applicable information, support you in truly creating core strength, fall in love with your strong and healthy body and focus on living your best life!

Together, let’s create a lifestyle that gives us health and happiness for a lifetime!