What Is iMoveFreely®?

People often experience small aches and feel they are not serious enough to go and see their doctor about or pay privately for treatment so these problems usually go unmanaged.  However, these small aches can often build up over time and result in more serious pains and also expense.  iMoveFreely® was developed by Martin Haines, a world leader in biomechanics, to help people more effectively manage these problems at an early stage. It is based on scientific research into intrinsic biomechanics and chronic pain. iMoveFreely® follows NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence, UK) guidelines for low back health.

iMoveFreely® helps prevent injury and releases muscles in spasm which helps return joints to optimal alignment and can reduce or eliminate pain. Improving the biomechanics function of our body has been shown to help improve your normal day to day and work related activity and sporting performance.

What to expect:

The iMoveFreely® group workshop at Pilates & Barre, Dundalk is intended to safely and effectively improve the biomechanics function of your body. You are recommended to do the exercises every day for a few weeks and after this time, if your problem is of a biomechanical nature, there will be an improvement in mobility or a reduction in pain. It's that easy!

Or take a look at the KNOTTY or NICE: Self Massage Workshop. An excellent choice for those of you who like me who had regular sports massages or physio weekly to relieve muscular tension and prevent/treat injuries.