Body After Baby

Core Restore Programme

Who is this programme for?

New mum’s who want an effective programme to begin soon after birth.
Anyone sick of being asked “when are you due?” when you are not pregnant.
Anyone unhappy dealing with incontinence. (Just because it is common, does not mean it can’t be treated effectively.)
Anyone dissatisfied with the lingering “baby bulge” aka diastasis recti. (Even several years later.)
Anyone worried about never getting back to their regular fitness routine?

I have created Body After Baby Core Restore with you in mind.

Why I created this programme:

I often had clients returning to my classes telling me that they had done absolutely nothing since their last class with me. That they were not sure what they could or should be doing. Or with symptoms of diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction that meant they couldn’t fully participate in class.

I have taken material developed over the course of several years of teaching women after having their babies, filming it and delivering a package that I think will be a great benefit to mothers everywhere!

What's Included:

Body After Baby is a progressive postnatal Pilates video workout series that will safely help you to regain your pelvic floor and abdominal strength and tone.

Six Video Workouts:

Six progressive full body Pilates workouts that will safely reconnect you with your core and strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals (even if you have Diastasis Recti). Safe to begin in the early postnatal period. 

Postnatal Nutrition Guide

PDF eBook to help you lose your baby weight and shape your body whilst maintaining enough calories to safely feed your little one and have the energy to be a great mum!

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

This works, try it!

I can't say enough good things about this programme. My lower back no longer aches at the end of the day, I don't leak if I sneeze and this has done more to flatten my tummy than all the dieting I've been doing so far. Who knew such simple moves could make such a difference.

Áine Bishop

Having required physio post-pregnancy, I found Emma's ability to adapt moves, and even recommendations for home practice, excellent. Emma has in-depth ante-natal and postpartum training so however pregnancy has affected you physically, she's probably heard of it and can help.

Emma is highly qualified, motivated, enthusiastic, encouraging, also regularly up-skilling, training and sharing her new knowledge or moves. I really feel the benefit for days afterwards!

Annette McB

Meet Emma:

I am Emma McAtasney, founder of a boutique Pilates studio in Dundalk, Ireland. BASI trained Pilates instructor, BarreConcept instructor and prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist.

I developed the Body After Baby Core Restore Programme with the aim of helping women with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues get back into shape after pregnancy!

I love working with successful, courageous women from all over the world – like yourself – to give you clear, applicable information, support you in truly creating core strength, fall in love with your strong and healthy body and focus on living your best life!

Together, let’s create a lifestyle that gives us health and happiness for a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exercise kit will I need?

How do I watch your workouts?

How soon after childbirth can I begin this programme?

I didn’t have babies, but I do have incontinence issues, will this help me too?

I am an “older” lady will this program still help me?

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Ready to Lose Your Baby Weight & Feel Good About Yourself?

If you don’t feel ready to make an investment in getting your body back just yet, everyone has a time when they are ready. I encourage you to read my Postpartum Exercise Guide.

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