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Group Nutrition Coaching Programme


Online Nutrition Coaching

Body After Baby Core Restore Programme

My online Postnatal Pilates programme designed for new mums to get back into shape or for anyone with Diastasis Recti to safely rehabilitate their core. It can be hard to join a group class with Diastasis Recti so I created this programme for anyone wanting a Pilates workout that they don't have to worry about doing. Click here to read more about it.

My YouTube Channel:

Teaching Pilates is my passion. I truly love what I do. I want to teach as many people as possible, YouTube allows me to do that. Visit my channel here.

Upcoming: Belly Only Pregnancy Programme

I always scoffed at those posts about how to have a "belly only" pregnancy. Now that I am expecting with my first, I am suddenly keen on maintaining as much of my fitness and my physique as possible while wanting a healthy baby at the end of it all. Not scoffing anymore. My plan is to record as many of the workouts I'll be doing while pregnant to deliver a fantastic programme for other expectant mums.

Upcoming: Diastasis Recti 10 Essential Exercises

Do you just want a daily regime of exercises to work on closing your diastasis recti? I will be recording the ten exercises which I think are the best I have for healing a Diastasis Recti. Get my FREE How to Heal a Diastasis Recti eBook.