How to get into the best shape of your life
— and stay that way.

Don't struggle on your own with restrictive diet plans. Get amazing (lasting!) results with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Precision Nutrition Coach Emma McAtasney.

“I know what to do... but I have a hard time doing it.”

Do you feel like you have tried every diet known to man and just want to lose "the weight" once and for all? Does it seem like the scale barely budges no matter how much you exercise? Or perhaps you have lost weight in the past only to gain it back, and a few more pounds on top of it!!!

Even though I devoured nutrition books and read online articles on it daily, I still found it hard to stay on track with my healthy diet and have the physique I desired.

It's easy to read all about a healthy nutritious diet, it's much harder to put it into practice. If that part were easy, you wouldn't be here reading this.

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With all of the myths, diet pills, weight loss wraps, waist trainers, detox teas, and quick fixes available for fat loss, it’s no wonder that we are so confused about the best way to lose body fat.

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And you are…

Available Nutrition Services:

Vitality Nutrition Programme

Most people who try to get in shape overload themselves and burn out quickly. Instead, I’ll help you focus on the small practices that lead to incredible results.

Bespoke Nutrition Coaching

Most people who try to get in shape overload themselves and burn out quickly. Instead, I’ll help you focus on the small practices that lead to incredible results.

Grocery Crawl + Cabinet Clean Out

For local clients: 1 in-person visit with you to the supermarket of your choice.

Are you trying to eat healthier but feel overwhelmed and confused about cleaning out your kitchen and navigating the supermarket? 

Let’s take a custom, guided tour through your favourite supermarket and kitchen cupboards to teach you what to ditch, what to keep, what to swap and how to be a food label detective.

Meet Emma

Hi, I am Emma McAtasney, I earned my credentials through Precision Nutrition. the world leader in nutrition education for fitness professionals. Precision Nutrition regularly improves their curriculum based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research. Their mission is research-driven, life-changing nutrition coaching for everyone.

In addition, I am a NCEHS personal trainer, BASI Pilates instructor and founder of a boutique Pilates studio in Dundalk, Ireland.

I have loved all things health and fitness since I was a teenager. I love to cook from scratch (and eat!) but I love even more to empower others in creating a lifestyle that allows us to lead an energetic life with vital and vibrant health!

Emma Pilates Barre Dundalk

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