Being relaxed and feeling safe is important when labouring and birthing your baby. It increases the flow of oxytocin which helps improve uterine contractions and a surge when your baby is born helps you to bond with your baby.

So why affirmations?
Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation of a belief. All of our inner self-talk are affirmations or mantras. 

Do you want to believe feel confident and positive about your upcoming labour and birth? Why not fill your mind with positive thoughts about it? 

I prepared the following images for you to pin (they’re all on this board on Pinterest too) and if you would like to print them, at the bottom of the page you can get a Printable PDF of them!


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Go through them and pick out the ones that resonate with you or simply create your own. Display them where you can read them throughout your day so your mind can absorb the statement and begin to consider and believe them over time. By the time you’ve read them 100 times in your daily routine, it will become second nature to think these thoughts and dispel any fears you may have.

I tend to write affirmations myself when I am feeling stressed or worried about something. Usually, I have to rewrite them a few times until I can feel the statement is believable. I find a phrase which works for me. This also sheds more light on exactly what I am worried about. Then my mind can begin to find solutions.

Please share these with any other expectant mothers you may know.

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