Looking for maternity sportswear for your Prenatal Pilates class or just to wear to the gym? I’ve done some online window shopping for you to find flattering, comfortable and supportive maternity activewear.

I’ve looked for items which can transition from month three or four all the way to the end of your pregnancy. I also tried my best to veer away from my usual monochrome tendencies and find colourful items. I got a few in….

I was going to have a fresh post for Spring Summer etc but I will keep looking for new items and add them in when checking for outdated links. So, pin the image for this post and you will have a fresh selection of maternity fitness wear every few months!

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Zip Ups to Fit the Bump

I love the Ingrid & Isabel Jacket! It also comes in black and the blue below. The side zips open when you need more room to get the zip all the way up.

Tanks with Built-In Bras

Supporting your growing and possibly tender breasts throughout your pregnancy is important. Who wants the hassle of finding a sports bra to fit with your top, or the expense of buying new maternity bras to go with new maternity tops? Not me, I always look for tops with built in bras. But just in case you’re looking for a comfy sports bra (that doubles as a nursing bra), I threw one in.

Over the Bump, Full Panel Maternity Leggings and Yoga Pants

Something many ladies in my Prenatal Pilates class want is over the bump sporty leggings that are good quality. A good pair can help support your growing bump and achy back.


These will flatter your new figure much better than your husband’s sweats.

I hope you have found something for you in this post. I’ll keep looking for some nice summery items over the next few months. If you find anything amazing please add a comment below.

Emma x

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Free eBook: How to Have a Shorter, Less Painful Birth
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